The Next Step

June 3, 2019

Around eleven years ago, I worked with a team to create an engine health monitoring service. This system collected engine flight data from the engines that a manufacturer had deployed around the world. That data would be ingested and presented for analysis to support predictive maintenance of the engines. The service is a core offering of the manufacturer. Not just providing the engines but also providing maintenance of those engines for their clients.

This application was essentially a large scale IoT system before IoT was a buzzword. Since that project I have always been fascinated with the concept of monitoring and communicating with devices from a centralized application. I had the pleasure of working on a system for a traffic signal control manufacturer that aggregated and tracked data from traffic signals. This data could be used by civic engineers to adjust signal patterns and optimize traffic flow.

Just recently I revisited the engine health monitoring concept with the idea of making it available for personal and commercial motor vehicles. I gathered a small team together and we have been doing research and early phase investigations into bringing such a product to market. You could say I’m about that IoT life.

This makes me even more excited about the opportunity that lies in front of me. I have joined Microsoft as part of the CSE (Commercial Software Engineering) group. Our job is to help customers ramp up with Azure. Specifically, I’m on the IoT Tech Domain team within CSE and am looking forward to providing value to my team, the group, and our customers and partners.